Hillman pleased with Moores latest endorsement

For the first time since general manager Dayton Moore once again said that Trey Hillman was his choice as manager for 2010, the skipper himself was back in the dugout on Friday. He’s been away for four days for his father-in-law’s funeral.

Moore noted last Monday, as he discussed his own extension by the Royals through 2014, that he was pleased with Hillman’s job. Moore had already said several times this summer that Hillman would return next year. And Hillman again responded happily.

“I’ve said it several times but it’s very nice to have a boss that believes in you,” Hillman said. “Believes in your track record, believes in what you do here regardless of what the record is this season.

“I don’t think anybody could have ever imagined it would be as challenging as it has been with some of the things that have happened this season but it’s not anything I lose any sleep over.”

No surprise, considering Moore’s continuous endorsements, that Hillman was pleased about his boss’ contract extension.

“Whether I’m here or not, I’m happy for the organization because it provides stability at the top and that’s what this organization needs,” he said.

–Dick Kaegel

One comment

  1. joe gin

    This is the last straw for me. After this year and the bonehead moves that have been made I’m NOT renewing my season tickets. I wish the inbreed Glass family would sell the Royals to someone who cares about KC and the game of baseball and not just their money.

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