First replay review at Kauffman results in no change

The first replay review at Kauffman Stadium resulted in no change to the umpire’s decision on Saturday night.

The incident came as the Royals’ half of the fourth inning began against Cincinnati Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo.

Billy Butler’s line drive down the left-field line into the  seats was ruled a foul ball by third-base umpire Tony Randazzo. Royals manager Trey Hillman, watching from the first-base dugout, came out to question the call.

After a brief huddle, crew chief Jerry Layne and two of the other three umpires went to the tunnel next to the umpires’ room near third-base to view a replay from Major League Baseball offices in New York.

After a brief delay, Layne emerged and indicated the call was correct and play resumed.

Umpires supervisor Steve Palermo, observing from the press box, said the umpires executed the review by the book.

The replay rule was put into effect last year to aid umpires ruling on boundary calls such as fair-foul balls and fan interference.

–Dick Kaegel

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