Next .400 hitter? Not Teahen (he says)

We’ve been asking questions lately for’s feature “Around the Cage.” Some of our Royals have some interesting takes on things.

Mark Teahen on who might be the next .400 hitter: “Can I pick myself? I won’t – .400’s high, I’ve got to conquer .300 first. I know Victor Martinez is doing it now and he stays pretty consistent but with catching, I don’t know. Initially I would think Ichiro but he doesn’t walk ever so he gets too many at-bats to stay at .400. I’ll say Kevin Youkilis just because he pretty much puts together a quality at-bat every time he steps to the plate.”

Ron Mahay on the same subject: “Pujols is a .300-plus hitter every year. That guy is probably on the verge of doing something great like that. Every time I look he’s doing something special so if I’d choose Albert.”

Luke Hochevar on the pitcher he’d pick to go in a Game 7: “Other than myself? Right now, it’d be Zack (Greinke), there’s no doubt in my mind.”

Sidney Ponson on which division is the toughest: “That question will be relevant in September, I can tell you that. Because we need to play Boston still, we need to play Tampa Bay. We played Toronto and they’re good; the Yankees beat us but they’re third in their division. We beat the White Sox and we tied with Cleveland so it’s an incredible question for May 16. You have to play all the teams so you can judge them. That’s a question you have to ask me at the end of the season.”

Billy Butler on what he’d sing on “American Idol”: “I don’t if you’ve heard me sing but I wouldn’t make it to a song. They’d take one look at me and tell me to get off the stage. I’d probably sing some red-neck country song, like “Simple Man” by Charlie Daniels, and they’d kick me off before I’d ever get started.”

–Dick Kaegel

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