Uniform numbers through 40 years of Royals baseball

The Royals 2009 Media Guide includes an interesting feature – the team’s all-time numerical roster for its first 40 seasons.

Where else would you find out that David Cone wore No. 13 in 1986, No. 17 in 1993 and No. 22 in 1994, his only three years with the Royals?

Want to know who wore 5 before George Brett? Well, coaches Owen Friend in 1969, Dan Carnevale in 1970 and George Strickland in 1970-72 and players Ted Savage in 1971, Richie Scheinblum in 1972 and ’74, and Tom Poquette in 1973. The number was retired in 1994 after Brett hung ’em up.

We should mention, of course, that Brett wore 25 in 1973-74 after he came up.

The list for Frank White’s retired 20 is shorter. Only three players – Jim Campanis in 1969-70, Monty Montgomery in 1971-72 and Barry Raziano in 1973 preceded White.

Manager Dick Howser’s 10, which he took when hired in 1981 and was retired after his death, had been worn by six players – including current pitching coach Bob McClure in 1975. The others were Paul Schaal, Tommy Davis, Joe Lahoud, Jamie Quirk and Clint Hurdle.

The highest number was Hideo Nomo’s 91 last year and the lowest George Scott’s 0 in 1979.

If you’ve seen the World Series-clinching photos and tape from 1985, you know that Bret Saberhagen was wearing 31 then but he switched to 18 two years later. Incidentally, 31 has been worn by the most folks – 27 players and one manager, Jack McKeon. The current 31 is Brandon Duckworth.

The info was provided by Baseball Almanac.

–Dick Kaegel

One comment

  1. stockman9850@sbcglobal.net

    Did you know that Bob McClure made the team out of spring training in 1976. He was sent down early in the season. He received a Sept. call up. I remember watching a telecast while McClure came in from the bullpen. The annoucer said, ” McClure started the season with the Royals but he failed to challange the hitters, so the Royals let him have the season at Omaha.”

    I noticed in your article with respect to McClure and no.’ 10′
    in 1975, did he wear no. 10 in 1076 and spring training 1977? McClure was the player to be named later in the Porter trade. As long as McClure lasted I think it was a bad trade to deal him and Gene Garber for that matter. One can only wonder where the Royals would of been with both of them.

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