Its a learning process at second for Teahen

Don’t get too discouraged by Mark Teahen’s first game at second base. It wasn’t pretty, he didn’t look very comfortable and all that but give it time. Teahen certainly wasn’t happy with his two errors and a couple of other misses but he kept an upbeat attitude.

“Obviously I would’ve liike to have made all the plays but that’s why we have Spring Training,” he said afterward. “I’m assuming I’ll feel more comfortable. That’s the plan. Like I said, you don’t want to peak too early so I’m giving myself room to go up.”

He was poking a little fun at himself there and that’s good. You can’t let this stuff get you down.

Manager Trey Hillman bumped into Teahen in the training room after Wednesday’s game and asked him if he wanted to discuss the game now or later. Teahen launched right into it.

One point Hillman made was that in the first inning, with one out and a man on first, Teahen might have just taken the ground ball he fielded to his left and thrown out the batter for the second out. Instead, he went for a double play and threw past shortstop MIke Aviles for an error. That open the gates for a six-run inning against Horacio Ramirez.

“From a mental mindset, he was in a good frame of mind. He pretty much understood and knew all the mistakes he had made,” Hillman told us on Thursday morning. “But, as we’ve talked, in the teaching moments he understood better after I explained the number of outs, how early we were in the game, Horacio having a chance to pitch out of some damaging run totals in the first inning. He understood a lot better about going to first base. He just did what he instinctively knew that he had the athletic ability to do. And he did have the athletic ability to do it, he just didn’t make an accurate throw.”

Small point but food for thought as Teahen adjusts to a new position.

— Dick Kaegel

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