Dodgers drive away with Hudson

Well, it looks like we can forget those Royals-wanna-sign-Orlando Hudson rumors. Our Ken Gurnick reports that the Dodgers have reached a deal with Hudson for $3.4 million but with more than that (a possible $4.6 million) in incentives. It’ll be interesting to see what those entail. (Hudson made $6.2 mil last year.)

It was always a long shot that the Royals would sign Hudson because general manager Dayton Moore would have had to slash some payroll to add some payroll, not an easy task. Moore always downplayed the possibility, indicating he wasn’t going to go through the roster whacking players just so he could sign Hudson.

So let’s let Mark Teahen, Willie Bloomquist, Alberto Callaspo, Esteban German and Tug Hulett patrol the dirt around second base and see what happens. Manager Trey Hillman says he’ll take a long look at Teahen at second before he goes off to play for Canada in the World Baseball Classic. But he also wants Teahen to take some turns in the outfield, too, to stay sharp in the pasture. Put everybody who’s competing at first base and second base on the diamond at the same time and the field might tilt to the right. It’s going to be an interesting spring at those spots.

— Dick Kaegel

One comment


    I know Teahen is a good athlete, and I know the Royals need to do something with him to justify his salary, but is it too much to ask for the Royals to play a “second baseman” at second rather than “someone who can/might-be-able-to” play second base.
    I agree with Greg Schaum’s theory: With possible defensive shortcomings at 1b with Jacobs and Butler, need a 2b with range and that takes Callaspo out of the equation and makes Bloomy the 2b.
    I’ll be happy to wait and see. No, I really can’t wait to see. This roster is very fluid right now. If Pena looks like winter ball was no fluke, who wouldn’t let him play SS? That would push Aviles to 2b and really send some guys packing. Hopefully, one of those guys will be Gload. He is obviously Hillman’s Achilles heal.

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