40th anniversary logos on uniforms

That dandy 40th anniversary logo that you see splashed on the Royals’ site will appear on the right sleeve of the Royals’ uniforms this season. You’ll also see it around Kauffman Stadium.

Among the special events in this anniversary season will be a game with ex-players called the Royals Hall of Fame Classic presented by Willie Wilson. The ol’ speedster is getting up a team of ex-Royals to meet a team of MLB All-Stars on July 17 before a night game against the Tampa Bay Rays. When was the last time there was any kind of “old-timers game” at Kauffman? Anybody remember one?

Another thing the club is doing is having fans submit photos, videos or written memories of their favorite Royals moments or best experiences at the stadium. These will be showcased as part of an advertising campaign so they have to be submitted by March 27. You can submit stuff by e-mailing it to  memories@royals.com.

— Dick Kaegel


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