Moore would have to work magic to sign Orlando

Could Orlando Hudson be in the Royals’ second-base future? ESPN’s Buster Olney hears that the Royals are trying to figure out a way to fit Hudson into their budget.

That could be true because general manager Dayton Moore has said all along he’s always thinking about ways to improve the lineup. He also acknowledges that the problem is he’s reached (and probably exceeded) his $70-million plus payroll limit. Moore is already sticking his neck out to some degree. To add Hudson or any other player with a stiff price tag, Moore will have to lop off a sizable salary elsewhere.

There’s no doubt that Hudson, one of several alluring players still on the free-agent market, would help the Royals’ lineup. Right now at second base, there’s Alberto Callaspo and Willie Bloomquist set to do battle with Mark Teahen willing to shift to that spot if he can show he can handle it.

Moore will not comment on individual free agents and he cannot be asked about it now anyway. Sadly, he went to Houston on Saturday to be with his ailing mother.

Sure, Hudson would be a nice addition. But he won’t come cheap even if he’s running out of time; he made $6.25 million last year. Moore would have to figure out a money tradeoff to pull that off.

— Dick Kaegel


  1. kcscoliny

    There are a few different ways KC could do this. Free up some money by reworking Gils deal to put some money on the back of the contract. Release German, Gobble, TPJ would free up approx 2.5M or trading away Buck or Olivo to free up 2.5-3M. If they want to make it happen it could be done relatively easily since his market shouldn’t be worth more than 5-6M right now.


    Would love for Hudson to be signed. I agree that reworking Gil’s deal could get this done. Another idea would be to get Guillen traded, removing some of his contract (they’d probably still have to pay some to the receiving team), this is doubly awesome as it gives Teahen a full time spot.

  3. royalsnut2

    We don’t need Hudson. Seriously, he plays good defense but he doesn’t offer much offense. He is just one of those name recognition guys. Callaspo and Bloomquist are perfectly adequate, and Teahen may surprise us. We would be fools to trade away Guillen.
    Unless we have somebody pull up lame early in ST, we just need to stand pat and play ball.

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